Heavenly Series

In the Heavenly Series, bookplate illustrations from Guy's Elements of Astronomy, published 1845-1865, as well as First Book in Astronomy, published in 1844, are cut and recombined. Weaving the paper intuitively, responding to the existing illustrations' linear and graphic patterning, allows for a new symbolism to form. The planets, orbital arcs and their phases are divorced from their intended scientific charting and when re-assembled present a new universe of lines, spheres and angles. Threads are sewn into the woven surface of fragmented images creating a dense iconography, resulting in an alternative patterning. A unique perspective of the mapping of the skies is depicted utilizing the antique materials.

In the astronomy books from the 1800's the observations of the universe provide a record of our fascination and curiosity for the mysterious cosmos beyond. That quest for understanding continues to capture our imaginations and propels us further.